Aberdeen University Philosophy Society

Some of our previous discussion nights


"Does Science tell us the Truth?"

"PORN: Objects of Desire?"

 "Can we tolerate intolerance?"

"How do you Mean?"

"Am I Just a Brain?"

"When is it right to break the law?"



"Why are you convinced?"

"Are humans the highest moral authority?" (in conjunction with God Week)

"How 'free' is free will?"

"Was that really me?"

"Is meaning all in the mind?"

"Is it immoral to bring someone into existence?"

"Some People Are Better Than Others"

"Is Philosophy an Art or a Science?"

"When do the rights of patients end?"

"We can know the truth"



Discussion afternoon on Elphinstone Lawn, surrounded by paints, palettes, and talk of aesthetics

Time and Space (Do time and space exist independently from the mind? Do they exist independently from each other? Or are they two sides of the same coin? Is there anything other than Now - the present moment? Can only present things be considered 'real'? Or are the future and the past as real as the present?)

Feminism (Is it rational? Do "masculinity"/"feminity" exist outside of their ideology, or should they? What is wrong with gendered language?)

"Is God good for society?"

"How do we relate to characters in fiction?"

"Are animals morally considerable?"

"What is the best form of government?"

"How do we define knowledge?"

Morality during war-time (Are moral principles still relevant on the battlefield? How do we decide which of our principles take primacy? Can intentional - not collateral - casualties be justified? Can parties remain neutral, and should they be allowed to?)

Mind/body dualism

The value of free will

Defining "rightness" and "wrongness"