Aberdeen University Philosophy Society

     Fresher's week and beyond, 2013

The Societies fayer is a week today, Wednesday 25th Sep, 11:00am start. Come by and say hello in person. Get added to our mailing list and enter our raffle for a chance to win a PhilSoc hoody and some books!!

And here is what else PhilSoc has lined up for Fresher’s week and beyond:


Pub Social: Friday 27th Sep, 19:00 at Spooky Grave also known as Elphinstone's Tomb outside Kings Collage on the High Street, then onwards to  Blue Lamp on Gallowgate  for 19:30.

Our first event of the year taking place upstairs in our favourite pub The Blue Lamp, have a chat and laugh and get a feel for who PhilSoc are.


Philoscoffee: Sunday 29th Sep, 13:00-17:00, Kings Lawn/or NK1 if it is raining.

A chance to sit outside and chat with warm drinks and some biscuits.


Filmshowing with free pizza!: ‘Albert Schweitzer’ , Tuesday 1st Oct, 18:00, MacRobert room 268.


Discussion: What is it to be human?: Wednesday 2nd Oct, 19:00 Spooky Grave, 19:30 Blue Lamp.


PhilSoccer: Saturday 5th Oct, 11:30 meeting at Spooky Grave, 12:00noon kick off at Seaton Crescent football pitches. Our first match of our friendly charity matches will be against the Juggling Society, come down for the spectacle or join in!


Beach BBQ: Wednesday 9th, Meet at Lidl 17:00, then Bridge of Don side estuary.

It’s our legendary event that is sure to make you have a merry time, wrap up warm and enjoy fun!

Previously on Philsoc: Theme Week 2012 - 'Justice & Human Rights' Week


A week of events exploring the issues related to human rights and justice.

Monday 19 March - 'You Don't Like The Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo', film showing (more information)

Tuesday 20 March - "Justice as Fairness", talk by Dr. Nate Jezzi (more information)

Wednesday 21 March - "Do We Need Rights?", pub discussion at the Blue Lamp (more information)

Thursday 22 March - "This House Would Require Expert Juries", with Debater, New King's 14 from 7pm (more information)

Friday 23 March - "How Should Society Punish?", panel discussion with academics from Law, Philosophy, and other departments, the Blue Lamp, 5:30pm + AFTER-PARTY AT THE ILLICIT STILL (more information)



More on what we get up to...

Reading Group

Socials (Pub Nights, Christmas Meals, Halloween, Fireworks Night, BBQs)

Discussions (a list of previous discussion nights can be found here.)

'Philm' ("Crime and Punishment", "Grizzly Man", "Mulholland Drive", "Citizen Kane", "Palindrome", "The Seventh Seal", "Deconstructing Harry", "Salo", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Garden State", "Alice in Wonderland", "Primer", "Back To The Future", "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure")

Lecture talks (Dr. Dylan Dodd on knowledge, error and scepticism; Dr. Gerald Harrison on reproduction; Dr. Tony Milligan on the analogy between abortion and the throwaway culture; Dr. Bob Plant on humour, and also the banality of death; Dr. P. Bauman on paradoxes; Dr. Bacciagaluppi on time symmetry and probability; Dr. Charles Wang on the concept of time in modern physics)

Theme Weeks (Time, 'God Week', Justice)

Logic workshops (assistance for first years)